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Exclusive Destinations Accessible Only By Private Jet

Exclusive Destinations

Norman’s Cay, The Bahamas

This luxurious, exclusive island in the Bahamas was only accessible by turboprop. Now that they have extended the runway, larger private jets can visit the island. Norman's Cay used to be so isolated and exclusive, it used to the headquarters of the Medellin drug Cartel. However, it is now being built out into a super luxurious resort by the Four Seasons. One of the key attractions of the island is the famous plane wreck that is visible in the clear, shallow water.

Lanai, Hawaii

Lanai is one of the lesser-known islands of Hawaii, making it a secret, exclusive destination spot for celebrities and wealthy business moguls. However, if you want direct access to the island, you have to fly private since there is no direct commercial access from the U.S. The island is also owned by Larry Ellison, who is the co-founder of Oracle. Lanai is also named the "Pineapple Island," since it once produced 75% of the world's pineapples.

St. Barts, Caribbean

St. Barts is well known for being a paradise for the 1%. It can be a very difficult destination to reach if you're not flying private. Visitors would otherwise have to fly into St Maarten and then take a boat or prop plane ride to the island itself. Also, only specific aircraft are acceptable means of transportation because of the extreme runway and steep descent over hilltops. Once you arrive safely, nothing compares to St. Barts beaches, ocean views, and exclusivity.

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