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Private Jet Demand Skyrockets

We are living in very interesting times right now. People's fear of the coronavirus, the stock market's outrageous fluctuations, and the upcoming presidential election are reasons why people's behavior is so odd. But there is one thing for certain in this current climate, consumers are more interested in private jet travel because they are afraid to travel commercially. Even people who normally do not fly private are shelling out big bucks to travel safely by private charter.

Recent reports have calculated that private jet travel has almost tripled since the beginning of January. Since people no longer want to travel internationally because of the coronavirus, they are splurging on private jets to travel to places like Hong Kong, Australia and uninfected parts of Europe. Most large corporations have halted international business class travel to protect employees which will cost airlines billions of dollars. As a result, many businesses and citizens have hired private jets to travel out of their respective countries. So as of right now, it is hard to tell if this private jet travel spike is an ongoing trend, or if it is just a catalyst of the coronavirus.

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