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The Future of Luxury Travel

When the dust settles and people return to a normal way of life, it will be interesting to see where the luxury travel industry stands. Will people still be willing to travel? will people be afraid of crowds and being in public places? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered to determine if the luxury travel business will be able to rebound in the future. Will luxury cruises still be around? will the top names in private aviation still be around? will the top luxury destinations be open for tourism? Even if we recover from this pandemic, that does not mean the travel industry will return to what it once was.

One this is for sure, travelers will most likely want more space when traveling in the future. Secluded beaches, islands, and isolated resorts may become very popular, keeping luxury travelers away from mass crowds. Events like the Rio Carnival and Mardi Gras are events that may take a big hit in the future. Another change may be that people will learn more towards isolated private jet travel and possibly drive themselves to locations instead of hopping on a busy commercial airplane. Even though private aviation has taken a hit as of late, there could be a big-bounce back once people feel relatively safe to fly again.

However, there could be a few positive outcomes after all of this. Perhaps tourists will be more likely to splurge on their dream, luxury vacation. After being cooped up, people may finally make that big decision they've always wanted to make. This could mean a short spike in luxury travel, however, it is most likely not sustainable. Also, travelers may be more likely to travel as a family after they can reconnect after the pandemic is resolved. Only time will tell what the future will bring in the luxury travel industry, but one this is for certain, there will be a major change.

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