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UberJets: The Future of Private Jet Travel

Updated: May 20

During these unprecedented times, more wealthy individuals have taken to the skies via private charter to limit the risk of exposer to the COVID-19 virus. UberJets, the founders of the innovative, pay-as-you-fly technology membership model, allows member instant access to their network of ARG/US Gold & Platinum rated aircraft operated around the world. According to UberJets' website & app, the private aviation technology company has over 5200+ accessible aircraft in a database platform. UberJets recently released a new exciting feature to the Let’s Jet-Powered By UberJets application, called “Virtual Hangar”. According to the UberJets platform engineers, the new virtual hanger allows its members seamless access to select the exact price, type of aircraft make & model. Even the year the aircraft was manufactured is an applicable feature. Allowing complete transparency, in which the members can choose what aircraft best fits their specific needs.

In a recent press release picked up by Yahoo! Finance, UberJets pushed a new, more powerful app update to handle the 280% in booking interest, mainly due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The "One Stop Shop" type platform is a sharp contrast to old economy standards like Warren Buffett owned NetJets. In such an On-Demand economy, UberJets seems to be paving the runway of the future.

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