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Dassault Falcon 6X: Luxury Business Jets

Dassault Falcon 6X: New, Luxury Business Jet

With a $47 million price tag, the Falcon 6X is scheduled to launch by 2022. Dassault has tagged this business jet "the world's first ultra wide-body business jet." Which means this jet will have the largest cabin of any other jet on the market, giving customers immense space and luxury will traveling long distances. This ultra long-range get can complete any trip around the world, no matter the desired destination.

The Falcon 6X defines luxury jet by creating the most space, room, and comfort for passengers, no matter how big your travel party is. Your long-range trips will feel like a breeze when you can configure the cabin exactly to your standards, creating your luxury oasis in the air. The new skylight feature is a first in its class, creating natural light and a warm feeling in the cabin. Also, the Falcon 6X is equipped with a high tech air filtration system to make sure customers are breathing clean air throughout the trip. The sound levels inside the cabin are the lowest in its class, making your trip as quiet and comfortable as possible. The Falcon 6X defines luxury in the air.

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