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Private Aviation Is Back; Demand Rising for Private Jet Travel

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Private Jet demand is back on the upswing in the U.S as more states start to reopen slowly. With a lot of businesses feeling the effect of the pandemic, the private aviation industry was no different. Many companies have filed for bankruptcy because private travel demand was none existent. However, May is expected to record triple-digit improvement in the demand again for private aviation. This increase is the result of loosening up stay home bans, and also private jet travel being the safest way to fly.

Operators have seen a large uptick in North to South and South to North flight requests. Florida becoming the state with the largest private jet demand over the past month. This has created a lot of demand for flights from floating fleet operators, who can freely travel where-ever demand arises. The next two states that have seen the largest increase in private travel demand are California and Texas. Experts have predicted that by July, the private aviation industry should be back to normal demand and will actually grow by October.

Check out this article to learn more about the private aviation uptick:

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