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XO Jet: The XO Experience

XO Jet

XO Jet is one of the most well-known companies in the private aviation sector. Part of Vista Global Holdings, XO has a large fleet of Citation Xs and Challenger 300s, two of the most popular business jets on the market. The company claims themselves as the "future of private jet travel" by providing a combination of the XOJET fleet and the JetSmarter's technology and flight booking app.

According to their website: "Since its inception in 2006, XOJET's mission was to become the trusted advisor and service provider of choice to the most sophisticated private aviation consumers, both businesses and individuals. With access to over 3,000 aircraft, XOJET offered a complete suite of flight solutions—from fixed-price charter to customized membership programs." (reference:

"The integration of JetSmarter technology into XOJET has resulted in the creation of an innovative alternative to the dated and overpriced services offered in private aviation today; all while challenging the commercial aviation industry through competitive pricing and an unparalleled flight experience. XO gives users unlimited access to a wider fleet, wherever you are in the world, and the ability to enjoy the highest service and operational standards in private aviation." (reference:

They are one of the few companies going strong during the pandemic, utilizing their floating fleet to complete any trip requested from private flyers. If you would like to learn more about XO Jet and their services, make sure to check out their website:

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