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Is Private Aviation the New Travel Norm?

Updated: May 20

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone's main focus is safe to travel. Now that air travel is back up and running, will people feel comfortable traveling on a large commercial plane? A lot of people have turned to private jet companies to inquire about jet services. So the real question is, will private jet travel be a new norm to the general public, or will it still be a niche, luxury travel option?

Since the start of the lockdown, a lot of private jet companies have claimed increases in demand and bookings. However, are these numbers inflated? Yes, there has been a large increase in private jet inquiries but has that led to bookings? Most jet companies have seen a drop in actual trips booked because people are not traveling as much; most of the new inquiries are from people who are interested in the safety of flying private, but can not afford the option. This is why a lot of private jet travel data can be misleading at first glance. The people who are inquiring about trips are not true private jet flyers, which means they are not booking.

To answer the initial question, it is highly unlikely that private jet travel will be a new norm. This option is still very much an exclusive niche that only a small percentage can afford. While most people would love to enjoy the safety and security of flying private during the pandemic, it is just not a realistic option.

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