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Luxury Travel Update During the Coronavirus

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Trips and reservations are being canceled:

Many travelers have been forced to change their vacation plans because of resorts shutting down, or countries not letting outside travelers in. Also, many reservations are nonrefundable which spoiled a lot of people's plans for their luxury vacations. However just because you cannot travel right now, does not mean you have to give up hope on your dream vacation. Take this time to plan and research exclusive destinations. Luxury travel is put on hold, but that doesn't mean this change is permanent.

Private Jet demand has skyrocketed, but companies know it wont last:

After the announcement of the coronavirus, many people need to travel fast. Business travelers were afraid of being landlocked in a particular country, and travelers are desperate to get back home to their families. So as businesses started to shut down, and more people were put under quarantine, people resorted to flying private to travel out of desperation. This was huge for the charter companies, but now flights are starting to trend down as people stay put. The private jet industry has asked for a bailout from congress to keep operations running. If companies can no longer fly, their jets become millions of dollars of inventory just sitting on the ground.

Activities to satisfy your luxury travel needs:

If you cannot travel, what can you do to satisfy that urge to see exotic places and stay in the finest resorts? If you are currently under house arrest you can do a few things: read travel books or articles, watch luxury travel documentaries, do travel research online, or write a luxury travel blog.

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