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Ultra Luxury Tours by Private Jet

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

When it comes to luxury travel, there's luxury and then there's ULTRA luxury. Hoping on your favorite private jet and traveling to exotic destinations is no longer just an option for the select view. Many business moguls, athletes and celebrities indulge in these en devours. However, there are a few who truly go above and beyond what luxury travel means.

National Geographic Private Jet Expeditions

This expedition will cost $79,000 a person. The trip includes a Private Boeing Jet, Private Chef, Catering Expert, and Luggage Handler. Every part of your journey will be handled with extreme care, expertise, and luxury. The expedition includes destinations such as Africa, Central, and South America, and other exotic places around the world. When it comes to luxury safaris and wildlife exploration, there are luxury trips, and then there is this!

Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

This tour is considered ridiculously extravagant and crazy. The trip will cost you $123,000 per person and lasts over 20 days. Travels get a Private Boeing Jet or the newest Airbus model. The tour includes over nine destinations featuring: Kyoto, Serengeti, Budapest, St. Petersburg, and Paris, all of which include the most luxurious Four Seasons resorts.

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